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The strange name, Apple has given iPhone equipment warranty period of one year, but the warranty is based on certain conditions, the machine must not damage (later will introduce what is man-made damage) and private buildings. If these two points are not in the warranty and the machine within, congratulations to you, your machine appears most faults of Apple will be free for you, the replacement of small parts (including vibration motor, battery, speaker, camera), replacement of the screen (non-human to screen display, do not touch, the screen has a bright line, bright spot, etc.) and are unable to defect by replacing parts replacement machine. The above treatment costs are not free


And now for warranty repair


First of all that is within the warranty repair


The warranty repair is divided into two kinds, one is the fault generated artificially, the other is because the machine has been a one-year warranty period. Due to the problems caused by the machine disassembly or did not cause problems, Apple will machine serial number to pull into the blacklist, lifelong denied insurance, whether it is security and can not warranty.


What belongs to the artificial damage?


Everyone should have a knowledge of their own iPhone maintenance costs!


The apple daily tips, powder warranty query activation time, apple serial number query service, apple refurbished machine verification, apple mobile phone use.


The scope and price of this article only covers the authorized service provider and the apple store, which can protect your rights and interests, and is not suitable for the private repair shop.


Kunming Jiabao communication has 6 years of operating period, the Department provides professional technical service and customer service apple apple product sales, to the principle of good faith and quality service has accumulated many loyal customers, in the same industry way ahead maintenance technology we get many new and old customers! The company promised to do only genuine, refused to fake and bad marketing tools,


Follow the same warranty repair within the warranty repair as can replace the parts replacement parts, or replacing the machine, only need to pay an extra fee. Here is a list for your reference, there will be a small change in the sale.


Due to the existence of equipment because of the intrusion of spills or caused internal damage, if you fall into the water cause abnormal function of the equipment, don't cheat the apple customer service in the eyes, they have a unique method to determine whether the machine feed you.


Functional introduction to Apple's full range of products, professional maintenance, software services and technical support! Telephone consultation:


If your machine meets one of the following conditions, are man-made damage, need to pay for maintenance:


The equipment due to physical deformation (such as sag, bending and fragmentation), such as your corner of the screen there are some fragmentation (as long as there is a little broken, the machines do not comply with) injured total more than 5 mm (fine scratches), mute button, a switch key and a headset hole where the weak frame has fracture (6 and especially 6p).